Why We Designed a Parking Management System

VIGILANTZ SECURITY was designed to make the property managers job easier and the residents experience better. Managing vehicle registration and Parking Permits is a tedious job that is typically neglected until it is too late.

With VIGILANTZ SECURITY proprietary software, residents will be able to go online and easily register their vehicle information and order their property specific "Virtual"? parking permit. Residents can easily register their guest without displaying a permit within seconds. Real time parking book and including parking history reports are available for management to review and have an at-a-glance experience to a full parking administration program.

Our method of educating residents and tenant creates a safer and less intrusive environment versus the traditional management programs for parking and security. This reduces problems related to space management, risk, and disturbance complaints that go beyond normal living conditions.

Our "Virtual Permits" are issued online only. The only information required to register is your name, address or parking authorization information (in the case of a business parking structure etc.) and your vehicle(s) information (Make, model and license plate.


Once we receive this information, you will receive a confirmation number (make sure you submit your e-mail) and your registration is complete.

Please temporarily park in an open guest spot until the vehicle is moved. Then file a parking issue report by clicking here. Select "UNKNOWN VEHICLE PARKED IN MY ASSIGNED SPACE" from the drop-down and enter the license plate number of the vehicle. Someone will then contact you with more information.

Submitting an other issue form DOES NOT complete a vehicle registration. It provides documentation and information to help us identify the problem you are experiencing in order to provide you a temporary solution. When a form is submitted you will be provided a 24 hr. temporary permit to park (Only) until the problem is resolved or proper registration is completed.
Please note: If you are having problems viewing the website. Try Chrome or Firefox if they are installed on your computer. If not, you may still want to install them. If you can only use Internet Explorer, additional steps are required the first time only. Step one is clearing your history. Step two, type vps-livetrack.com in your browser and press enter. If you still can't view that page Internet Explorer Compatibility View instruction can be found here.
This is a one time per vehicle management fee that allows us to help you manage your personal parking space in the event you experience a problem with your parking space.
By registration your vehicle(s) with VIGILANTZ SECURITY, we are able to identify you as a resident of the community.
When you register your vehicle, the vehicle license plate number is used to identify your vehicle. This eliminates the use of hanging tags or window decals. Additionally, you avoid the risk of towing and impound fees.
To register your vehicle please uses the last 8 characters of the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) in place of the license plate number. You will have 60 days to register your new plate information. Please go on line and register immediately when your plates arrive.
If you are already registered with VIGILANTZ SECURITY, you can contact us at contact@vps-livetrack.com or go online to and request a temporary permit.
If you are already registered with VIGILANTZ SECURITY, you can contact us at contact@vps-livetrack.com or go online to and request a temporary permit.
If your vehicle(s) is registered with VIGILANTZ SECURITY:
(A) when available, parking personnel will attempt to make contact with you to move the vehicle.
(B) Registered vehicles are subject to Notice Parking Violation in lieu of impound by towing.
(C) If the vehicle is NOT registered with the community, the vehicle will be subject to impound.
Residents are responsible for their guest actions and along with guest vehicle registration. Please remember to use the online resources available to residents/guest related to parking management services.
Officers in the field carry (mobile) real-time reporting handhelds that receive your request immediately after your submission form is completed.
Go to vps-livetrack.com to view or send a message about your (NPV)

Notice of Parking Violation. Just enter your tracking code numbers listed at the bottom of your (NPV) notice to view or appeal the notice.

To prevent unauthorized parking or problems with your guest parking in a location unauthorized to park. Guest that area registered will be contacted if your vehicle is in violation of the community rules. This avoids unnecessary towing.
No. Visitors must use the designated guest/visitor parking spaces. This ensures all residents have a space to park when they come home.